Providing financial protection for individuals, couples, families through customized insurance solutions that addresses your concerns.

As your life events occur, our advisor can assist in modifying your insurance to align with these changes.

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Tax Sheltered Savings
Life Insurance
Home & Auto Insurance
Travel Insurance
Health & Dental
Long Term Care

Education Savings Plans
Mortgage Protection
Wills & Tax Returns
Estate Planning
Critical Illness
Disability Coverage


Investing through Life Insurance companies offer several key advantages such as:

  • Maturity Guarantees
  • Death Benefit Guarantee
  • Creditor Protection
  • Avoid Probate
  • Efficient inter generational wealth transfers.

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Tax Sheltered Savings
Buy-Sell Funding
Disability Buy-Outs
Tax Deferral Planning

Mortgage Options
Commuted Pensions
Non-Registered Loans
Guaranteed Investment Accounts
Segregated Funds


In a corporate environment, you have special needs to address your risk.  Our advisors can create optimal insurance solutions aligning to your outlook and philosophy.  No two businesses are alike; so why should your insurance be the same?

Customized Life Insurance products and services that address the business owner, key executives and your employees.

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Tax Sheltered Savings
Buy-Sell Funding
Disability Buy-Outs
Key-Man Insurance
Overhead Expense Coverage

Retirement Compensation Agreements (RCA’s)
Individual Pension Plans (IPP’s)
Property & Casualty / Liability Insurance


Whether you’re a company with 1 life or 25 employees, Romac Financial specializes in the small business sector.

If you have a company and it is incorporated, ask us how we can help your corporate dollars work for you while protecting yourself, your family (if applicable) and your employees.  Let us help you make a promise!

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Group Benefit Design

Group Pensions